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Podcast-Based Digital Content Package


Podcast-Based Digital Content Package

Unless otherwise requested, the content creation process starts with an interview with a subject-matter expert. The content of this interview can then be repurposed for textual, graphical, audio, and/or video campaign elements depending on the source material approved for collection and dissemination.

Please Note: This package does not include the cost of intro and outro bumpers (ask us for a quote for your NEW and ORIGINAL Podcast Series Opening and Closing Bumpers).

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The Podcast-Based Digital Content Package includes one-hour of setup/recording/take-down time with the intent to record a thirty-minute interview captured on an audio device suitable to the location of the interview. After the interview, the recording is trimmed, reviewed, levelled, and equalized. Any existing Podcast Series bumpers are then added to the beginning and end of interview. One complete, the produced podcast is provided digitally for distribution to third-party marketing channels.

Five Steps to Content Creation

Step One [1] Interview

Step Two [2] Transcribe

Step Three [3] Review

Step Four [4] Segment

Step Five [5] Deliver

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