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Digital Presence Assessment


Digital Presence Assessment includes the following:

  • Website Presence Assessment
  • Social media Presence Assessment
  • Email marketing Presence Assessment
  • Online marketing Presence Assessment
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0:01K here be but I be
0:03general got back to bite me coming up tonight
0:07I’ll since 1906
0:10cannot has come a long way from being synonymous Big C
0:15with over 30 brands in its with you and a global presence in 180 countries
0:19get onto successfully use traditional YouTube account
0:25to analyze its digital presence within the United States
0:28we will seek answers to questions 9 is that doggie
0:31colleges and what is the among the nation’s trends
0:34why did they needed to do and how has gloves expanded be a man president
0:39digital marketing
0:40what does its digital Arsenal look like way that the losses beaded dresses in
0:46social that maps
0:47that its target audience is most likely to use and whether it is in your
0:51preferred comments
0:52powders alarms leverage its speed
0:55women on media to invite customers the share user feedback and most importantly
1:01how does that incident prisons drive budgets consideration
1:05in keeping with its statement of book was that is
1:09notion family still they can flourish and try
1:12get it looks like the target audience and every member of the Open family
1:16your overall communication strategy to balls around promoting breakfast as a
1:21bee necessity
1:22with changing demographic trends that work schedules are getting busier
1:27employing digital media makes perfect sense for Kellogg’s
1:30as the no need to keep up with their consumers these and doctor them on the
1:35to take a quick look
1:38at the digital book for you the visually rich website has information
1:42offers recipes informado who is a nutrition
1:46a store locator and rewards program I signed up for the email newsletter
1:51and I receive about two to three promotional emails a week with of us and
1:55printable coupons
1:56to a certain extent that does help activate purchase consideration
2:00during special events like the Olympics it’s OJ
2:04get off did make their presence felt on the mobile that mostly to treat
2:09as the responses of the US team
2:15on Facebook Gillard’s managers separate be just for its different brands
2:20this is totally because customers to the official Facebook page into a bogus flow
2:24against the usage GM’s are genetically modified organisms in get production
2:29soon one hand if you have some friends like Kellogg’s pop-tarts and Special K
2:34pages doing
2:35a great job of responding to customer feedback the same cannot be said of the
2:40official page
2:41an attempt to build bombs the shin with the hash tag great thoughts when
2:45unacknowledged and any from washington post by kellogg’s always becomes
2:49and and did you not read the debate is not targeted as much but it consists
2:54mostly of recreates been paid ambassadors like this orgy at Peets and
2:58commission bloggers
2:59the YouTube channel has a good collection of interviews with the
3:04olympic it leads
3:05and some tips and tricks it has a link to deal with this page
3:09and turns out I am its $29 for
3:12mere presence on Pinterest and Instagram are
3:16equally this mall
3:25were killed has managed to jump into the gym
3:29it that both the initiating a solution conversation are
3:32uninspiring it be us it’s using digital
3:35as an extension of convention be media like TV the communications unit
3:40the daily products like cereal the budget decision journey begins be a
3:45before the customer visits the still
3:47and kellogg’s needs to reinstate its position
3:50in the minds at the consumer kellogg’s needs to provide
3:54LinkedIn each if its brands pages from the emmy
3:58Facebook page and in to connect the associate beaches it was also
4:02interesting to note that for a company that had quite a few brands
4:05evidently targeted at children feel b-sides wilford any games for them
4:10kellogg’s must aim to get smart on the games the
4:13specially via mobile cereal boxes could also come with unlock codes insightful
4:19book nerd
4:20Android OS maps some
4:23other tactics they could use are placing at in children’s shows
4:27on bed based TV like Hulu the good old selectively
4:32Glenwood presence that basing ads in fitness biz
4:35acts like the ones using x-box Kinect sumo
4:38or the fitness trackers get up get increased promotions with online
4:44retailers like
4:45Amazon specially using your subscribe & Save utilities
4:49kellogg’s could also WhitePages invest the sites like big oven dot com
4:54are all recipes dot com by the display the city’s using
4:58cereal as the P in with at the moment
5:01belongs seems to be riding on historical grounds when
5:04but with competitors getting increasingly dirt in San
5:08it’s about time for panels to me that create dart
5:11in creating a robust digital presence


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