Digital is not about writing code or building apps.

Digital stretches beyond 140-character commentary and gaming. Digital transcends the technology that powers it, for the technology is just the enabler for establishing a deeper relationship between our clients and the people they serve. Digital is more than devices, operating systems, and even the Internet itself.

Silver Magic Bullet | Social Strategy Clinic

Social Media Rehab Clinic

2012 Tweetstock Conference

There is NO Silver Magic Bullet

Sold Out Social Strategy Session

Transcript of Presentation by Robert Lavigne COMING SOON


I typically come and I do a joke… I bring my own tomatoes cause, you know, if you want to say I am full of shit – there’s a tomato feel free to throw it at me and have your fun. But I thought cause it’s Tweetstock, I thought I’d have some fun – tomatoes hurt so I brought Twinkies, so these are highly valuable, these are selling for five thousand dollars on eBay. So if you do want to throw something at me please take them out of the wrapper first, okay, cause the cardboard is actually more of the issue. So for those of you that have seen me present before I’m pretty fast and furious, I’m gonna try to do this in about a half hour leaving us you know fifteen minutes to chat, bear with me, we’re gonna get started…

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