Digital is not about writing code or building apps.

Digital stretches beyond 140-character commentary and gaming. Digital transcends the technology that powers it, for the technology is just the enabler for establishing a deeper relationship between our clients and the people they serve. Digital is more than devices, operating systems, and even the Internet itself.

The “Getting to Know…” Video Interview Series Hosted by Robert Lavigne

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Robert Lavigne, The Digital Grapevine, Owner and “Director of Digital Strategy” intends to:


• Serve as a thought leader in aligning digital branding and marketing strategies with a client’s business goals and objectives.


• Play an advisory role on client engagements, serving as a digital strategy advisor to both client-facing personnel (internal) and clients (external).


• Help define scope and recommended approaches for major digital projects for small and medium sized businesses.


• Drive high level discussions on the role of digital within the total branding and marketing ecosystem and their overall strategy.


• Help guide clients in defining their digital vision by helping structure and present digital programs and recommendations to business owners and their respective decision makers.


• Serve as a resource for collaborative and creative teams in the development of digital solutions and when appropriate, play an active role in new client acquisition and new business presentations.


• Provide ongoing support, mentoring, professional development and training to staff of client establishments when required.

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