Volcano Sharks

Volcano Sharks: Disaster B-Movie

Volcano Sharks vs. Nuclear Submarine

Volcano Sharks – Sharkcano Parody, Pastiches, Spoof

Volcano Sharks – Solomon Islands Eruption
Volcano Sharks – Hostile Hammerheads (Sphyrna Zygaena)
Volcano Sharks = Shark Boy + Lava Girl

Coming Soon: Volcano Sharks: Pompeii Disaster

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Volcano Sharks: Transcript Sample

0:00so we’re in the Solomon Islands to study
0:02a submarine volcano called vivace and
0:06it’s dangerous a little bit yeah
0:10absolutely we were scared kavagi is
0:13usually erupting spewing like hot lava
0:17ash when we went out it was not erupting
0:21free to kill for one pop it goes so
0:26we’re dropping this camera down
0:27primarily to take a closer look at the
0:30volcano the water is hot it’s acidic
0:34it’s hostile enough the sea interesting
0:37biology is just a bonus
0:53let me go get the data before I start
0:55getting too excited to carry it away
0:58it comes the Skype booty oh yeah I
1:05wonder if that’s his little cave home
1:07thingy there you know that has the motor
1:09so cool like like I’m what was that hey
1:14something that you shadow of something
1:16there’s something off the idea of there
1:22being large animals like sharks hanging
1:25out and living inside the caldera this
1:27volcano conflicts with what we know
1:29about kavagi which is that it erupts but
1:33when it’s erupting there’s no way
1:35anything could live in there and so the
1:38see large animals like this that are
1:40living and potentially you know they
1:43could die at any moment it brings up
1:45lots of questions do they leave do they
1:47have some sort of sign that it’s about
1:49to erupt you know do they blow up
1:51sky-high in little bits the fact that we
1:54saw animals in the plume like that that
1:57opens up all kinds of interesting
1:59questions that’s the best project is to
2:03go out with one question and come back
2:04with many and that’s exactly what
2:06happened here


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