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SEO Brantford | Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine's unpaid results—often referred to as “natural”, “organic“, or “earned” results. In general, the earlier (or higher ranked on the search results page), and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine's users; these visitors can then be converted into customers.[1]

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SEO Brantford

0:00let’s talk about SEO for a bit a lot of
0:03people think it’s some kind of magic but
0:05that’s not the case just take a look at
0:07it from your perspective what do you do
0:09when you want to find something on the

SEO Brantford (Search Engine Optimization)

0:11Internet you search for it right and
0:13then you click on one of the links on
0:14the first page of the search results in
0:16fact more than 90% visitors will behave
0:19exactly the same way ever wonder how
0:21those web pages at the top of your
0:23search results got there it’s because
0:25they were search engine optimized

SEO Brantford Businesses

0:27exactly how search engines work is a
0:29closely guarded secret but the main
0:31principles are known they’re based on
0:33two main factors keywords and links
0:35let’s focus on keywords first your
0:38chances for a better ranking grow when
0:40your website contains the same words

Search Engine Optimization | SEO Brantford

0:42that are being searched keywords are
0:43especially effective when they’re found
0:45in a website title address or headings
0:47but careful quality over quantity should
0:50be your rule of thumb some so-called SEO

Best SEO Brantford Company

0:53experts try to fool the search engines
0:54with some ridiculous keyword occurrence
0:56instead of focusing on quality content
0:59first and how about the links websites

SEO Brantford | Search Engine Optimization Brantford

1:01that link to yours basically tell search
1:03engines that you have some good stuff
1:05there but again quality over quantity
1:08links from irrelevant sites won’t help

SEO Brantford, Ontario, Canada

1:10you get a better rank what we’ve just
1:12talked about provides a basic
1:14introduction to SEO in reality it’s not
1:17a simple task and you’ll definitely need
1:19someone to help you with it someone
Search Engine Optimization (SEO Brantford)

0:00this is search engine optimization
0:01explained by common craft in
0:04collaboration with search engine land
0:07imagine for a minute that you’re a
0:09librarian but not a normal one you’re a
0:12librarian for every book in the world
0:15people depend on you every day to find
0:18the exact book they need how do you do
0:20it you need a system you need to know
0:23what’s inside every book and how books
0:26relate to each other your system needs
0:28to take in a lot of information and spit
0:31out the best answers for patrons
0:33questions it’s not an easy job search
0:36engines like Google and Bing are the
0:38librarians of the internet their systems
0:42collect information about every page on
0:44the web so they can help people find
0:46exactly what they’re looking for and
0:48every search engine has a secret recipe
0:50called an algorithm for turning all that
0:54information into useful search results
0:56now if you own a website search results
0:59matter when your pages have higher
1:03rankings they help more people find you
1:06the key to higher rankings is making
1:09sure your website has the ingredients
1:11search engines need for their recipes
1:14this is called search engine
1:16optimization or SEO as it turns out most
1:20of the big ingredients are known let’s
1:23take a look first words matter
1:26search engines account for every word on
1:28the web this way when someone searches
1:31for shoe repair the search engines can
1:33narrow results to only the pages that
1:35are about those words second titles
1:39matter each page on the web has an
1:42official title but you may not ever see
1:44it because it’s in the code search
1:46engines pay a lot of attention to page
1:48titles because they often summarize the
1:51page like a book’s title third links
1:54between websites matter when one web
1:57page links to another it’s usually a
2:00recommendation telling readers this site
2:02has good information a web page with a
2:05lot of links coming to it can look good
2:07to search engines but some people try to
2:10fool the search engines by creating or
2:13bogus links all over the web that point
2:15to their own website usually search
2:18engines can detect when a site has a lot
2:20of them and they account for it by
2:22giving links from trustworthy sites more
2:25weight in the recipe fourth the words
2:28that are used in links matter to if your
2:31web page says Amazon has lots of books
2:34and the word books is linked search
2:38engines can establish that is
2:40related to the word books this way when
2:44someone searches for books that site
2:46will rank well
2:48lastly search engines care about
2:51reputation sites with a consistent
2:53record of fresh engaging content and
2:56growing numbers of quality links may be
2:59considered rising stars and do well in
3:01search rankings these are just the
3:04basics and the recipes are refined and
3:06changed all the time good SEO is about
3:10making sure your website has great
3:12content that’s supported by the
3:14ingredients that search engines need for
3:16their recipes I’m Lee Lefever and this
3:20has been search engine optimization
3:22explained by common craft learn more
3:25about SEO at search engine land


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